Ornella Piazzo. Something new.

Ornella was emancipated from a very young age and even with the difficulties that the real world presented her, she decided to play it for being professional music. He moved from Santa Rosa, La Pampa to Buenos Aires and specialized in Contemporary Music at EMC Berklee International Network. During his career he participated in Escogido Telefé with the duo Bravas, which opened the doors to a tour of Mexico for 1 year. After the success in that country, he returned to Buenos Aires, did some live shows, was received and today is about to debut with his first album that promises something new and powerful in the Latin American music scene. Ornella Piazzo released her first single «No Tira Nada» a pop song with trapper nuances that she created very much from the viscera, with an impeccable video directed by Diego Stickar. It echoes their emotional instability, how from one moment to the next it can be so good or so bad. Also this 2022 he is about to release his first album full of rock, groove rhythms and revolution. He also made «Damas»
 another single that stomps with its message: «empowered ladies changing the play» and that was presented live at the Pride March, with an excellent receptivity of the public. Orne is characterized by her charismatic nature, the audience vibrates and gets hooked quickly with her strength, presence, lyrics, her voice and her guitar, they even accompany her with her jokes and the values she transmits, she is a natural artist. 




Some Covers on TV and YouTube

Oh Mama – Duo Bravas in Chosen Telefé (Live)

I Kissed A Girl – Duo Bravas on Chosen Telefé (Live)
Clint Eastwood – Cover Gorillaz (Duo Bravas)
A Rodar Mi Vida – Cover Fito Páez (Ornella Piazzo)
Youtube Channel:

Social Media:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/OrnellaPiazzo
spotify https://twitter.com/OrnellaPiazzook


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