Escorpia «The Seal».

Escorpia is a trio that was born in October 2020 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The band proposes a fusion of different styles (Rock, Funk, Rap, Soul / R & B and Reggae) that distinguishes them in the scene. Scorpia stands out for its original sound and forceful lyrics. Valentina Cooke on vocals and guitar, Salo Bass on bass and Rocío Luna on drums make up this trio of women who came together to combine their influences and experience, resulting in the genre that characterizes Scorpia today. They were announced in January 2021 in a live session with the production of Gaspar Benegas in Estudio Lirón. The first release was a minimalist but powerful reversal of Lenny Kravitz’s «I Belong To You», and was followed by a cover of Valentina Cooke’s solo stage song ‘Lento Intento’. In September 2021 they released their first single ‘Sangre’, accompanied by a video clip and in November they recorded a live session where they advanced ‘La Oscuridad’, a song from their next EP. Already in July 2022 the band had published a new promising video clip with post-apocalyptic aesthetics to accompany the single that gives name to their new EP, ‘El Sello’, which is already available on Spotify and includes the last two songs mentioned and two others of their own: ‘Gossamer Wings’ and ‘La Respuesta’, again under the musical production of Gaspar Benegas.

After a year of being formed, Escorpia toured numerous venues in different parts of the country such as San Juan, Chubut, La Rioja, Neuquén, Patagonia (Bariloche, El Bolsón, Esquel) Atlantic coast, part of the Buenos Aires suburbs and CABA. In addition, he participated in festivals such as Argentina Florece and Experiencia La Costa.

‘The Seal»

Primer Scorpia album consisting of four songs recorded and produced by Gaspar Benegas in his personal studio .‘El Sello’ is the broadcast cut that starts and in turn the name of the EP. In addition, it has an audiovisual blockbuster available on YouTube.The second track is ‘La Oscuridad’ which is a dramatic and moving blues and is followed by ‘La Respuesta’, autobiographical song of the singer that the band knew how to give a very powerful funk-rock identity.And finally there is ‘Gossamer Wings’, a song in English written by Mike Cooke (Valentina’s father), which gives a melancholic closure to the EP, on the one hand, because the band achieves a very particular and deep sound with tinges of grunge and Rhythm and Blues, and on the other hand thanks to the interpretation of the cello by Lucas Argomedo (bassist of La Mono and cellist of Lisandro Aristimuño),  whose arrangements and melodies make this song stand out for originality.

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