Mutu with «Los Vatos Lokos»

Mutu with «Los Vatos Lokos» by Rosario Mutu (Cami Mutuan), is an artist from the city of Rosario, Argentina. He belongs to the Rap/Trap group «Vatos Lokos» and works under the Milo Records label, with whom he records and produces his songs. With a versatile proposal both in musical styles ranging from the most underground Rap to the finest R&B, Mutu brings us lyrics that show an empowered girl who is not afraid to tell the harshest reality of her city, as well as show her most sensitive and romantic side. Since the release of their first single «Tizi», which had a great acceptance and repercussion in the public, the doors began to open. He participated in festivals such as the San Lorenzo Trap Fest and Broda Festival; he gave notes on local radio and TV, and crowned with his participation in the BRODA cycles for Youtube.» … With only 20 years of age and from República de la Sexta, Camila Mutuan AKA Mutu distills harmonic energy where cadence, word and movement, are linked in an expression that departs from the main course of the most complacent movement in our city. With an identity that is balanced in power, frontality and sensitivity, giving play to his songs is to give clue to a journey with dangerous curves that can knock out the ears that are created comfortable of a generic hip hop.  Care trap, Mutu unexpectedly (and captivatingly) throws the wrench between organically produced R&B and rap sonorities and blood pulse instrumentation…»  

Lucas Canalda (Rapture)

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